How to create e-commerce rockstars!

Invitation to Morning Meet-up | “Become E-commerce Rockstars”
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Connect the design process to e-commerce

What does it take to become an e-commerce rockstar – from the start of the design process – until your product meets your customers online?

The digital marketplace makes it easier for customers to buy products, but at the same time, it means a massive amount of product information to manage and control.

Our speakers and brands will focus on:
How to reach your marketplace, smarter, faster and with more reliable data?
How to integrate this into your daily workflow?
At the end, we will create a checklist for you and have a Q&A session.

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Join us for a morning meet-up and get tips and tricks on how to become an E-commerce Rockstar.

Make sure to save a seat in Copenhagen 22nd of May or Oslo 4th og June.


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